Ensuring Quality and Durability

As industry leaders in the Sioux Falls region, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier commercial paving and ag concrete services that cater to the diverse needs of South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, ensuring that we provide not only high-quality materials and workmanship, but also a keen attention to detail that sets us apart.

Agriculture and commercial paving is about creating durable and reliable surfaces that stand the test of time and traffic. It requires a skilled team that understands the ins and outs of the paving process. Understanding the importance of thoroughness in our work, our team consistently strives to offer paving solutions that blend seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, all while minimizing disruption to the daily flow of commerce. The goal is to provide services that not only meet but exceed client expectations, fostering long-term relationships built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

    Ag & Commercial Paving Solutions

    In the Midwest, we understand that the foundation of any commercial or agricultural property's exterior is its pavement. Through our specialized services, we ensure that your project is completed with unmatched professionalism and long-lasting results.

    Building Pads
    Lay a firm foundation with concrete pads for farm buildings, steel buildings, pole barns, shop floors, commercial warehouses, and more. The core of our experience in structural integrity and practical function lies in agricultural and commercial concrete work.

    Grain Bin Pads
    Pave the way for an abundant harvest by giving us a call for concrete grain bin pads, silo pads, feeding floors, feedlots, and more. Krump Concrete is your go-to for all things agricultural concrete.

    Parking Lot Paving
    For farm operations, multi-family housing, and church parking lots, our team employs advanced paving techniques to ensure a smooth, durable surface suitable for heavy traffic. We prioritize efficient construction with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

    Concrete Curb and Gutter
    A well-constructed curb and gutter system is critical to managing water flow and maintaining the integrity of pavement. Our experts take meticulous care in framing, pouring, and finishing to ensure proper function and longevity.

    Driveway Paving
    Driveways are a point of arrival and set the tone for the property. Our driveway paving services combine aesthetic appeal with the necessary fortitude to handle vehicles of all sizes, providing a welcoming yet resilient entryway.

    Basement Pouring
    Our expertise extends below ground, where basements for new construction require a solid foundation. We deliver a meticulous process for site preparation, framing, and pouring to ensure a strong and secure lower level for your property.

    Patio Paving
    Expand your commercial property's outdoor space with our patio paving services. We create attractive, enduring surfaces that enhance outdoor areas, perfect for dining, recreation, or relaxation.


    Full-Service Concrete Work

    Our team brings over three decades of experience to the entire spectrum of concrete services required for commercial projects. We ensure that every phase, from the initial project planning to the final cuts in the concrete, is executed with precision and expertise, focusing on long-lasting results.

    Project Planning
    We plan every aspect of the concrete work needed for various commercial projects, including concrete pads for agricultural structures and shop buildings, and parking lots for farms, multifamily housing, and church facilities. Our planning encompasses client consultation, design detailing, materials selection, and logistical coordination to ensure the project's success from the outset.

    Site Preparation
    For us, site preparation is a critical first step that entails clearing the project area, achieving the right grade, and compacting the soil. This phase is essential to establish a solid foundation for the concrete work that follows.

    Concrete Framing
    Our expert framing sets the stage for specifically shaped and dimensioned concrete components. We construct robust forms aligned with architectural designs, guaranteeing precise controlled boundaries for the poured concrete.

    Rebar Setup
    We implement a strategic rebar setup, reinforcing our concrete structures with steel bars that provide added strength and durability. This step is vital in ensuring that the concrete withstands varied loads and stresses over time.

    Concrete Pouring
    Efficient and precise pouring of concrete is a signature part of our service. Our crew works systematically to fill the forms with high-quality concrete, ensuring no air pockets or voids that could compromise structural integrity.

    Concrete Finishing
    The finishing phase involves leveling, smoothing, and texturing the concrete to match the project requirements. Our skilled finishers use a range of tools to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface that stands the test of time.

    Concrete Cutting
    After the concrete has cured, we perform concrete cutting services to create control joints. These joints help to guide the expansion and contraction of the concrete, preventing random cracking and preserving the surface's appearance and strength.


    Service Areas and Contact Information

    Our team at Krump Concrete Construction provides exceptional concrete services with over three decades of experience in the field. Our specialists are not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to delivering quality workmanship for every project.

    Expanding Midwestern Reach
    We take pride in serving a broad area, ensuring that our expertise in concrete construction reaches far beyond Sioux Falls, encompassing the multi-state Midwest region. Our service areas include:

    South Dakota
    North Dakota

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